How do Indians live in Poland ? You can read about it more at . I sincerely welcome You to read my blog

I am an Indian living in Poland from the year 2009. My Friends call me Jay. As You might have guessed this is not my real name. My real name is Jayakishore Rajkumar. Many people have trouble with my full name, so, i decided to stick with Jay the day i arrived here :). Friends call me by my last name Rajkumar. The way Polish people call me Rajkumar sounds really nice 🙂

The reason i came to Poland was strictly not planned. I was just after my bachelor studies in College and was eager to leave India. People ask me, if it is so bad in India, that i wanted to come to Poland (which i will explain in some chapter). I am a graduate in Economics from the University of Wrocław . in 2011 i finsihed my studies and have been working in a couple of different companies in and arround Wrocław. I am at the moment working in a Polish Corporation and is based in the sales field.

I created this blog, when i decided to share with my readers with the information, on how, me, as an Indian, with the perspective of an Indian see life in Poland. What surprises me, what i find strange, what i think about many aspects around me, and about how i find life here, and with what i have difficulties etc.. Maybe i will have readers who are Indians, or foreigners, whom  might help understand the mentality of Polish people? I would be really happy if i could achieve that.


I welcome You to read this blog, and comment 🙂

PS- I would like to thank Ms. Ewa Błażej for her help and motivation during the process of writing this blog. This blog came into existence because of her.