Lately i was looking at some of my Friend’s profiles in facebook and why not.

I remember we were going to the same school. With some friends i attended school for 10 plus years. There were a very few number of friends who I still keep in contact with. Friends who i meet when ever I am in India.

But with a lot of other friends I completely cut any kind of contacts.

I don’t feel comfortable sharing my life with any one of them.

It’s like I have been writing book, but i just can’t find the guts to publish it. I don’t know what it is about keeping my life a secret. It baffles me.

Keeping mum to Your friends from high school feels weird. I am waiting for the right moment. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my life with them. I haven’t done anything spectacular. It’s like going to a professor to submit Your Phd thesis. I have’nt done shit. How can i show him my thesis?

One day a friends of mine sent me a link in linkedIN. Turns out one of our friend’s from Hight school is now VP of Morgan stanley in New York. It’s funny. He was a very silent boy. We all grew up in a middle class family, and studied in a decent private school. Some went to the US, some to the UK, and many stayed back in India. But who though this guy will be VP of Morganstanley?

I am not jealous of him. But life can surprise everyone.

I don’t want to be VP of any company. But i would like to have my private life to myself. Is it normal? Why hide my private life? isn’t it for sharing with others?

When i am home, I meet my family, a handful of friends from high school and my cousin. That’s it. I don’t feel comfortable sharing anything else about my life with any one else.

IN Poland, it’s the same thing. Keep my private life to myself.

When people publish their pictures from their latest vacation, i make sure to check them out and like them. But it’s hard for me to do the same. Everyone else does it. So why do the same?

Lately I had a conversation with some one very close to me. Jay, please don’t worry about what others think. They will hit like and completely forget about Your the next moment. Actually its true. I asked them ‘So nobody judges You?’

No, people just don’t have time for that. They have their own life to manage.

I will admit, i felt some relief after hearing that.

Same thing with the blog. At some point, sharing one’s private information in the blog seems too hard for me to do. But i hope I will relax a little bit. I would have to remind myself “People don’t give a shit about Your life. People don’t give a shit about Your life’ a thousand times. I will be fine 😀

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