Appearance in the breakfast show, good morning TVN

Last week, I had the chance to appear in the Polish breakfast show, good morning TVN in TVN Network.

I did not have a chance to go for any auditions for a long time now. Normally I try to avoid such publicity stunts. My friend told me that, from time to time, I should be going to auditions in TV as well as in Radio. It is a good medium to promote my blog. So i thought, why not? What could go wrong?

The programme is about Immigrants living in Poland, and is aptly termed Happy immigrants.
The promoters told me that they would come to Wrocław. So I don’t have to travel anywhere this time. Great. We agreed to meet up in a restaurant.
I have been to TV twice already. Eazy peezy. Just answer a few questions. What are You doing in Poland? Why did You choose Poland? The same old. I have answered these questions at least a million times before

So day of the interview comes. We meet at the restaurant. The producer tells me that I have to play a scene with a guy from Georgia, who is also appearing the programme like me. I have to bump into him on the streets and we have to say a few words to each other. Oh No!!! It was supposed to be a normal interview. Not a soap opera in the middle of the city!
But, i didn’t cause any furore. We already agreed to the interview. No need to cause any unnecessary drama. It would be over in about an hour or so. Later I can go home, and watch my terrible acting on the internet. Probably cringe level x 1000. I have been in worse situations before.

We made the scene. After the 10th retake, it was done.
Later it was the turn of a couple from Ukraine, to give a short interview. I waited about 1 hour for the interview to finish. Then it was my turn. We went to the TVN studio in the city center. We had a question and answer session. I gave at least 10 answers, but in the end they chose only one for the programme. Probably there was not enough time available for all the material.

Earlier the coordinator of this programme asked me if we can arrange a meeting with my Indian friends in Wrocław. I have just one or two Indian friends here, and they were travelling at that moment. I asked them, if we could meet with my friends from the capoeira school where we train. He said yes. So we went there to shoot a small video. It was also good promo for our Capoeira school.

Later I watched the whole episode at home. I thought that it would be painful to watch my acting in the video. Actually It was painless. Not as bad as i thought it would be.

The most surprising part of the interview, was that the organisers called me an aspiring writer. That I didn’t expect. Nobody has ever termed me as a writer before. I am an amateur if anything. Still it was a very nice gesture from their side. I have to accept, it made my ego feel very good.


You can watch the video here. Unfortunately its in Polish only.

PS-You can start watching the program from the 7th minute.

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