Sunday is a short preview of Monday

Almost every one knows that feeling. Its Sunday. Next day it’s time to do it all over again. For the next 30 years or even 40 years. #Ihatemondays is a universally known Hashtag. Doesn’t matter if You are Polish or Korean. It’s Monday? Time to […]

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My two cents on the topic of Love

My two cents on the topic of Love I dont know if this post is true in the case of most Indians. I might not be able to carry the voice of 1.324 billion Indians. Maybe all Indians don’t look at the topic of love […]

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Indian traditions- Men holding hands

Indian traditions- Men holding hands For those of who who have been to India, You must be already aware of this phenomena. Very often men from India can be seen walking down the road holding their hands in each others. Men from all walks of […]

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Language which i think in

Language which i think in  This is a question many of my friends ask me from time to time. In the beginning when i came to Poland, my choice of language for communication was predominantly english. I dint know much polish to have a 5 […]

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Indian traditions – Finance

Parents in India expect their kids to send them money. I have mentioned about this in one of my posts. The money is not necessarily sent to the parents to their bank account. Normally the person living abroad would have a bank account of their […]

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How we Indians honour time

How we Indians honour time If You are reading this, I am myself curious about why we Indians honour time differently than Europeans. So this post is as informative to You as to why Indians are late everywhere, as it is to me.

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