Don’t shake Your head Jay

Don’t shake Your head Jay

In this post i would like to share with You some things i have been pondering over the last couple of weeks.
When I was in India in May, i had the time to analyse many things regarding my behaviour. How do i behave while I am in India, and how do i behave in Poland. Is it the same, or Am i one person here and one person back home?

On my way back to Poland, i had to catch a flight to Delhi and then travel onwards to Warsaw. We didn’t know whether the flight is from the domestic terminal or the international terminal. Both these terminals are a couple of km apart from each other. So i called the airline company and they said the flight to Delhi is from the International terminal. So my father dropped me at the International terminal. Since he cant come inside the terminal without a airplane ticket, he had to wait outside. SO he waited outside the terminal for my feedback.

Turns out it was the correct terminal. I got my baggage cleared at the airport, and I came back near the entrance to let my father know that everything is ok.. We had to talk using sign language, because there was a 50 m distance between us. So he asked me if everything is ok? While asking that, he was using the Indian head shake. I said Yes, that everything is ok(but i didn’t shake my head like him). He shakes his head again and asked me if everything is ok. I said again ”yes yes Father, everything is ok”, but still i didn’t shake my head. Then to make sure everything is completely 100 percent OK(like most of our parents have the tendency to ask), he asked me if everything is fine. The third time somehow i said yes, and started shaking my head.  I immediately caught myself doing it and I stopped… I said to myself ‘Dont! Dont do it.. Dont shake Your head!!!’ So when i caught myself doing the Indian head shake, I stopped for a moment to think. “Say to Your dad that this is the correct airport and everything is fine. But dont shake Your head, please!!!’. So i put my thumbs up to say that everything is ok. He understood everything and went back to his car.

Don't shake Your head Jay
UFFF. At least all my practice didn’t go to waste. I had to spend Years to unlearn the Indian head shake.
Then on my way back to the airport, i started wondering. In just one weeks time i can completely go back to my old behaviour? Will I start shaking my head again while saying yes? If i were to stay in India for a long period of time, my old head shake will come back? :O

What if i forget everything that i have learned in Poland?
Every time I go to India, i sleep at my own room where i used to spend my childhood and adolescent years. Whenever i go there, I make sure to clean my room just like i would do in Poland.. As i have mentioned in one of my posts, we have maids to clean our house and cook food in India. So practically i have never had to worry about cooking my own food, or cleaning my room when i was young.

I promised myself one thing. Just like i would clean my room or wash my clothes in Poland, I would do the same when I am back home in India. But this time i was running everywhere and i couldn’t find enough time to clean my room or make sure everything is in order. I was constantly asking myself ‘What if I were to come back to India and live here for some time?’’ Will i go back to my old self? Will i forget everything that i have learned living abroad?’’

My theory was- ”Since we have a lot of people in India and a lot of mess everywhere, people don’t care about how You dress or the way You act. So my dear Jay, You will probably go back to Your old lazy self. You will see!’’
For me it would be the worst nightmare. :O I can’t even think of such a scenario. I have built a lot of self respect and values while living in Europe. How can i let that all go to waste.??

When I am in India, I don’t give much attention to many aspects of my life, like i would normally do while staying in Europe. I dont have to impress any one with my behaviour at home in India. It’s not that Indians don’t take care of themselves. But I feel completely at ease in India.

But in Poland that’s not the case. I cant just ignore my behaviour or my values. I should uphold my very best behaviour. People demand the very best from You here. You cant let You guard down, because there are a 1000 stereotypes waiting to be labelled upon You. Like smelly Asian, typical Indian, Brudas(meaning dirty), Ciapak(Polish term similar to paki in the UK) etc…

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