For a mother her children are always dear to her

As a rule, I try to befriend people who have no certain political views. People who don’t care about politics, but are interested in knowing what kind of a person You really are. If someone seems to have far right political views, I am a little bit weary of them. It’s better to keep them at a distance. I am afraid they might not like me. 

Politics again? Common man.
In India BJP just won a second term( For people who don’t follow Indian politics. BJP is nationalistic, far right political party). I am not political in nature, but i secretly like this party. India has been used to dynasty politics for too long. Renowned prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was a member of Congress party. After his demise, his wife followed his steps into politics. She was followed by her son, and then later by her daughter. You know about the Bush family in USA right? Senior Bush, president Bush, Jeb bush were all politicians. Something along those lines.

I want India to be ruled by a party that truly cares about it’s citizens and their prosperity. Not a political party that stays in power based on it’s laurels, and does not care about it’s citizens and their aspirations. I don’t want politicians who fills their pockets with money, and ignore the common man of India to rule our country. BJP is a party which in my opinion cares about India and it’s citizens. That is why i like them.

Once BJP came into power, Muslims have been facing some aggression from radical Indians. It is a dirty secret. Hindu nationalists have been known to beat up Muslims(not all Indians are like that though). Reasons are many. If a Muslim does not sing the national anthem during Republic day(they think- ‘that guy is definitely a Pakistani sympathizer!), or if he keeps a cow at his farm(People think that they will probably kill the cow for meat).

Foreign press are known to laugh at us Indians quite often. Indian press also reports incidents like these in the papers. Once things cool down, the press stop reporting these incidents. Soon a Muslim is beaten again by some radicals. Then the press picks it up again. Its a never ending cycle.

I don’t know how Muslims actually feel in India. Maybe they live in fear?

I feel at home in India. That’s because I was born there. I don’t have a beard, nor do I specifically stand out from the crowd.(Ok some times people think that I am a foreigner. That is because I have a lighter skin than the normal population. My grandmother was also very fair skinned unlike many Indians. What can i do?)

So You live in fear in Europe, because You are foreigner here?

I am not saying that in Europe, I feel like how a Muslim would feel in India at this point of time..
Its a blessing that I don’t live in Russia or the USA. I would have gotten lost there.
One of my cousin’s had to leave Germany due to constant police checks. The German police would ask him for his papers when he is at the train station, or out on the road doing shopping(Maybe Hamburg is not a friendly place for foreigners after all?).

A good friend from high school had to leave USA, because once Trump came into power, hate crimes against immigrants started rising up. He wanted to get a green card in USA. Trump wanted to restrict green card allocations for Indians. What is the point in staying USA, if they don’t want to allocate green cards anymore. Indians who go there ultimately aim for the green card.

To summarize, India is my home country and I feel very comfortable there. Poles feel safe in Poland. A German or an American would feel at home in their country. But how does an immigrant or a visitor feel in those countries? It’s worth to ponder about that for a while.
That is what i wanted to compare regarding a mother and her affection towards her children. It doesn’t matter which political party wins. A citizen of that particular country would feel like at home there. Just like how we would feel when we are home with our mothers. Maybe there are people in those same countries living in fear, and we have completely no idea about them.

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