Government job and Mom’s meals

i remember every time I would have a conversation with my grandmother, she would ask me how I am doing, and what i ate for dinner, how is work etc etc. Almost always she asks me the following question- ‘’Why are You living far away from home? Why don’t You live with us, with Your parents? You would have tasty lunch and dinner everyday. Why are You suffering so much? Come here, and You can work at the government office. It would be much better.’’

I mentioned in one of the posts, that government jobs in India are meant for life. Firing some one is next to impossible. From ages this has been a true statement. From my grandparent’s time, up until now, a government job is something to be proud of. At least You will have a steady sum of amount on Your bank account every week.
I tried to explain to my grandmother that eating lunch everyday from home, or working at a government office is not what there is all to life. At some point we have to learn things in life, or else we will be eaten up by life..
It didn’t cut with her. My grandmother is used to old ways of life in India, where the whole family would stay under one roof. Joint family system.

To be honest If I would have stayed with my family, I would have probably murdered my father and my mother. OK all jokes aside, I really love them. But sometimes its not healthy to live with our parents after a certain age. it doesn’t matter how much calm You are. Parents have their own vision regarding their children. We children have sometimes plans and dreams of our own.

If I was to live with my parents during my adulthood, the amount of quarrels would have definitely gone up. Besides i have already given them enough trouble during my teenage years. I don’t think they deserve any more punishment. They have a grandchild now. Its time for them to rest and take care of themselves.

I know a certain number of people in India, who still live with their parents. They are 30-35 years old as we speak. Everyday they would go to work, and come back home to eat mom’s lunch. They would sleep in the same house as their parents. Its nothing special for us Indians. Many people do that.
I think if I wouldn’t have made the choice of going away from home, I would have been a miserable person. Living abroad has broadened my experiences by a thousand fold. I know this from my own experience. If I had the chance to repeat it all from the beginning, i would definitely do it. No if’s and but’s about it.

Just like my grandmother, my grandfather was also upset that I left India to come to Poland. He never said that to me personally. But i could definitely sense that he was sad. Whenever I would come back home, he was very excited to see me. As soon as it was time for me to come back to Poland, my grandfather would suddenly go silent. I think he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop me. At least that’s what i felt.

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