Grandfather’s foundation

My grandfather left us exactly one year ago.
To commemorate his services to the literary world, my parents and immediate family members have registered an NGO named Panmana foundation.
Grandfather’s full name was Panmana Ramachandran Nair, but people came to call him affectionately by his first name Panmana.

On the 5’th of June(first death anniversary), we organised a meeting to celebrate his literary work. Professor Radhakrishnan, a famous novelist from Kerala, was the chief guest.

Grandfather's foundation
Invitation letter page 1
Grandfather's foundation
Invitation letter page 2

Grandfather was a pioneer in developing good grammar skills and pronunciation among malayalam speakers. So in order to promote malayalam language even further, we decided to give cash prizes to two tops scorers from the state BA exams in Kerala.
Both girls were gifted 8000 rupees each. If You want to know what a student can do with 8000 rupees, here is a list. For example You can buy-
Used scooter
Decent Android mobile phone
Used Laptop
Two way plane tickets to Northern India.

Grandfather's foundation
Prize giving ceremony

Grandfather's foundation
Main guest- Prof. Radhakrishnan speaking at the ceremony.

My mother is very proud of my grandfather’s achievements. She was his favourite child(so naturally i became my grandfather’s favourite grandchild 😀 :D). So it was very important for her to start this foundation, so that my grandfather’s name will live on for a long time to come. His textbooks are still being used in the school curriculum throughout Kerala. Student’s learn grammar, and pronunciation through his story books, poems and short stories.

I could not be a member of the foundation, since I am a non resident Indian. Nevertheless I contributed some funds to the foundation(around 100 euros), so that my grandfather’s dream of promoting malayalam language will become a reality. As family members, we have the obligation to keep his name and good work alive among Keralites.

Someone once told me that, my grandfather passed his lamp on to me(his knowledge), and it’s my duty to make sure that the lamp never goes out. I know that it would be hard to be a great writer like him. Still I can follow his footsteps, and do what he always reminded me to do. To always read and write.

Maybe this post will motivate others to do something charitable, or help some one who is in distress. If yes, then it would be an honour for everyone of us in our family.

If You are interested in supporting my grandfather’ s foundation, please feel free to donate what ever You can. The Bank account details are given below.


Acc. no- 117101000009184.

Bank- Indian Overseas Bank.

Address- Gandhinagar, Trivandrum -695014

Swift code- IOBAINBB001


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