Harder, better, faster, stronger !

Harder, better, faster, stronger !

Maslow’s pyramid. We all know this right? At the bottom we have our basic needs like food, water, shelter etc. Then comes some safety and security(good job, financial security). In the middle, we have psychological needs. To be loved, have a group of good friends etc.. On the very top, is the need for self-fulfillment. To achieve our dearest goals, fulfill our passions etc..Be the best we can be.

Why am i talking about Maslow’s pyramid?
For me the first 6-7years in Poland has been about security. Finding a decent job in a company, getting myself well acquainted in Poland and having financial security. Now that I have achieved it, i have started to look for fulfilling my psychological needs.(It’’s funny how our needs and desires change over years)

So after having a word with my friend, i said, ”look I feel like i lack so much, when i compare myself to my friends in my surroundings. I feel like I lack in maturity like many of my polish friends. They are able to achieve things with such ease. I would never be able to achieve any of them!”

Is there some reason for feeling this lack?
The only people I have contact with in Poland, are people who are well educated, have a decent job, and or have some passion in their life. They travel in their free time. People who have aspirations and are hungry for more. When i compare myself to some of the people that i meet, they are all doing something. I know that comparing myself to other’s is not a positive trait. But I am human, and I have this drawback.

I don’t know People(whether it is polish or foreign), who are 30-35 and are still living with their parents, and or people who are doing manual labour, and are working on a measly salary. Or people who have issues like alcoholism, physical abuse, or other societal problems at their homes. I don’t know the normal Polish person who works in a small factory, lives with their parents, and have some problems at their household.

When i constantly compare myself to these well off Polish friends I have, i feel this lack.
My friend would go on to say- ”Jay look, You were able to assimilate into a completely foreign culture. Can You imagine a Polish person coming and settling in India? It would be impossible(actually my friend is right.) You were able to get Your own place to live(30 years of Loan. fuck yes! I can’t wait). I have done everything and more, to be a part of the Polish society. So You should be proud of Yourselves”. He tells this to me a thousand times, and I still complain 😀

Most of the friends I have are such over achievers, that i feel like a small baby towards them. I constantly tell myself, ” Jay Harder, better, faster, stronger ! ”

i will try to be a little bit more passionate towards myself. I cant guarantee. I can only try.

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