Indian traditions- Family

As i wrote in one of my posts about the close relations which Indian family keep with each other, in this post i want to talk about some traditions which we have in India related to family.

Indian traditions- Family

In India, even if i have finished university education, I am still not considered as an adult. It is ok to still live with our parents. Lets say that I am living in my home town of Trivandrum in India. I have found a job in my city. Even if I have finished my studies, have a job and i am in a position to support my self financially, I am not supposed to live on my own. If i was about to rent a house and live on my own, my parents and immediate relatives would think that i don’t like them. It is seen as being too Individualistic. “So You have grown up now and don’t want Your parents anymore?’’ That would be the first question parents would ask You. Of course in-order to not offend them, You have to live with them. The society is built in such a way that doing the opposite would classify You as a person who doesn’t respect his/ her parents.

Even if You are married, and living in the same city as Your parents, You are not supposed to move out from the house of Your parents.(newly wed couples are supposed to live with the husband and his parents according to Indian traditions.) If You have Brothers, then the oldest brother would have the first priority, and he would have to live with Your parents. If the newly wed couple will have a kid one day, then it is understandable. But most Indians still prefer to live with their parents. I have many friends who are living in the same house as their parents with their first born kid. If You were to ask them if there is something awkward about it, they wouldn’t be able to answer You. It is part of the tradition.

Most Indians would feel that not listening to their parents is somewhat disrespectful. In Indian mythology, parents are often compared to gods. So ignoring the wishes of parents, would be like ignoring the wishes of god. So how can You do that right?

Meanwhile in Poland some one is considered to be an adult, once they finish their studies. A person who has finished studies, and is not independent and still lives with parents, is not considered to be an adult. Such a person is even looked down upon by the society. People look at those people with a frown on their faces. Even if the mentioned person has finished their studies and has a job in the same city as their parents, they are obliged to live on their own. Of course parents wont say no to their children living with them. But it is not a sign of adulthood. Parents understand if their kids prefer to live on their own.

it is amazing how different cultures look at things from different perspective. Some thing that is offensive in one part the world, is considered to be a thing to be proud of in the other part of world. That is what is so beautiful about cultures.

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