Old habits

Old Habits

I heard once about a polish girl who lives and works in the UK. She works in a a very famous multinational bank. As it is the UK, there were a lot of Indian people working along with her in this bank. 

She was complaining that it is very hard for her to work with her Indian colleagues. The list of complaints were huge. Most of the Indian colleagues cooked food home, and they briought it to their work place. Now You can imagine what will happen when You microwave Indian food. The smell of turmeric, and other exotic spices would probably stay in the air for a couple of hours. If the room is air contidioned, it gets even worse.

What else bothered this woman? 

Indian people have a tendency to sweat profusely. Yes it is true that men are generally very hairy, and tend to sweat very fast. She noticed that when most of the men from her work would raise their hands, she could see big patches of sweat under their arms. Now i understand that this is kind of gross. Big patches of sweat under Your armpits is a no-no for both men and women. 

This was not all what disturbed this lady at her work. She also got pissed off with guys humming songs at work.  I think movie producers are to be blamed.  If bollywood didn’t have so much songs, men wouldn’t be singing so much 😀

I was thinking, at least i don’t sing songs at work, or sweat profusely. Most of my friends don’t complain about my ethics at work. So that’s good.

They say Old habits die young…..

Just the other day, i had a few minutes free at work. So i decided to cut my nails under my desk(Yeah it was kind of gross, I accept) This seemed completely normal to me at that moment. One of my friends started to laugh profusely, and left the room because she couldnt control her laughter.

I was cutting my nails on my hand, and making careful that it lands on the waste bin. That didnt help ofcourse.

I was disappointed in myself. I think some times i have the tendency to do something stupid.

You see, on a daily basis, i don’t cut my nails at work.. This happened the first time to me in the last three years. Why did i do it? I think old habbits die young. We used to cut our nails in the living room(while everyone would watch soap opera together) I remember i used to cut my grandfather’s nails whenever i would visit his house. But he was ofcourse old. Thats understandable.

I think here, It was definitely my fault. i shouldnt have cut my nails at work.

I have also had my episodes of microwaving Indian food at work. Even when it is -10 degrees and freezing outside, I would still microwave chicken tikka masala in the microwave. Then for the next one hour every one would ask me ‘Oh Jay, what creation did You make for lunch today?” i dont know if they are annoyed by that smell, or if they were genuinely interested in what i made.

But i dont do it everyday. Most of the times i eat like any other casual Pole would eat. Sandwiches and other dishes without much spices. Some rice flakes, etc etc..

But once in a while, i get the craving for something really spicy. That’s when my friends have a big problem 😀

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