Hindutva is a right wing ideology that says that India is meant for Indians, (read Indians who follow Hinduism). Hindutva reminds of the genocide committed by muslims rulers 100’s of years ago, and asks young Indians to bring back old Indian traditions back to our […]

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Instructor Jay

On the 24’th of June we had a ceremony in Krakow by the name of ‘troca de cordas’ where new belts are given to Capoeiristas. I had the chance to pass the test to become an instructor.

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Trip to India

Trip to India This last week i had the pleasure to go to India. The trip was short, just one week. But still it was definitely worth it. In the beginning i was worried that i shouldn’t go 8000 km far away across the ocean to my […]

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Indian traditions- Gratefulness to god

Indian traditions- Gratefulness to god People in India attribute their success to god. It is a tradition common to most families in India. Since my family was very religious, it could be felt even stronger in many aspects of our life. I will give You […]

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In this post, i would like to translate a few poems written by my grandfather. Poems are taken from two of his children’s books Rainbow, and Swing. I hope You like them. Rainbow Seven coloured palace seven floored palace Who built this palace the sun […]

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Grandfather through the eyes of Chandu

Grandfather through the eyes of Chandu During the span of 27 years, my grandfather wrote 20 books Which included 5 on the correct usage of malayalam language, and 5 children’s books. Besides grammar and children’s books, my grandfather translated ancient sanskrit poems into malayalam (in […]

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