Uniting family

Uniting family Why are most refugees men? This was a topic very often discussed between some of my Polish and International friends, and also what i read in many internet forums or in Youtube videos(maybe its time to stop reading negative news?). Lately it has […]

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Old habits

Old Habits I heard once about a polish girl who lives and works in the UK. She works in a a very famous multinational bank. As it is the UK, there were a lot of Indian people working along with her in this bank. 

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Arranged marriages – examples from my family

Arranged marriages – examples from my family Honestly i avoided writing about arranged marriages, because apparently everyone asks me “Jay how is it possible that Indian people have arranged marriages in India. I can’t imagine having an arranged marriage for myself ”. I immediately go […]

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My two cents on the topic of Love

My two cents on the topic of Love I dont know if this post is true in the case of most Indians. I might not be able to carry the voice of 1.324 billion Indians. Maybe all Indians don’t look at the topic of love […]

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Hindutva is a right wing ideology that says that India is meant for Indians, (read Indians who follow Hinduism). Hindutva reminds of the genocide committed by muslims rulers 100’s of years ago, and asks young Indians to bring back old Indian traditions back to our […]

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Instructor Jay

On the 24’th of June we had a ceremony in Krakow by the name of ‘troca de cordas’ where new belts are given to Capoeiristas. I had the chance to pass the test to become an instructor.

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