Secularism in a political context means, A country where religion does not play a part in law making. A country who does not base its laws on religion or cite an official religion is secular.

Would You be surprised if i tell You that India is a secular country? Hard to believe right? When You think of India, first thing that comes to Your mind is a Sadhu(Saint), with dreadlocks, smoking ganja and meditating all day long in the hills. On top of that he loves to take a dip in Ganga every morning. 😀 Pardon my pun.

People think of India as a country consisting of only Hindus, and for the Hindus. But it’s far from the truth. Our constitution guarantees people the right to follow Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism. Whatever they want.

But, if some one forcefully changes your faith to say Islam, Christianity or Hinduism, that is a punishable offence. You can get jail time for that.

So what is Sickularism? It’s a term coined in India by people who are fed up of politicians misusing Secularism. As the word itself states, it means Sick Secularism. Since India is home to people from many different faiths and religions, we have a lot of minorities. Christians and Muslim are considered minority in India. 1 billion of us are followers of Hinduism. 201 million are followers of Islam, whereas 28 million are Christians.

India being a secularistic nation, political parties use the religious card, to buy votes from minorities. A perfect example is a party in India called Congress. They are open to triple talaq(According to Sharia Law, a Muslim man can divorce his wife by saying talaq to her three times. He can text her, write in fb, or say that to her face. Cat shit crazy right?). Congress love appeasing muslim minorities, so they wont do anything to upset them. Political parties offer free jobs to minorities like Muslims and Christians(which i believe is a good thing.). In order to win elections, politicians follow the appeasement policy. They even buy voters using money.

You might be wondering, does this guy Jay, hate muslims and Christians? Absolutely not. I am not democratic, nor far right.
But i like calling a spade a spade. Winning elections by appeasing minority voters is bad for the country. I want all muslims, christian brothers and sisters to be treated equally like my Hindu brothers and sisters. Is there anything wrong with that? Its still a distant dream for Indians, but we are working on it.


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