Sunday is a short preview of Monday

Almost every one knows that feeling. Its Sunday. Next day it’s time to do it all over again. For the next 30 years or even 40 years. #Ihatemondays is a universally known Hashtag. Doesn’t matter if You are Polish or Korean. It’s Monday? Time to wake up and go to work.

Unless of course You are a sheik from an oil rich Arab country. Then no. You can go back to sleep.

For me its not so much about Mondays. Monday I am all set for Work. I am refreshed and well rested after the weekend. Sunday is the Monday in my case. On Sundays all the important life questions arise. Life’s problems stare at me waiting for answers ”What is the meaning of life? Ah just another weekend wasted by doing nothing. SO You are here on earth to eat, shit and work?” Yay! Can’t wait.

Monday to Friday i am so focused at work that there is no time to ponder over life. Just like a robot I wake up at 07, quickly brush my teeth, and off I go. I just have to wake up. My body knows what to do. Just like it’s with most of us.
The problem is with weekends. Now all of a sudden there is a lot of free time. I cant hide any more from my problems. Now all of a sudden there are no phone calls from work, or mails from clients asking where is the truck. Sundays are the worst.

I used to live weekends without any planning. I would wake up late. Around 10/ 11 am. Maybe quick breakfast, some cleaning. Its almost 2 pm now. I would do some shopping and maybe some quick lunch. 16 pm now.. Last chance to save the day. So maybe I will call my friends and go out for a beer to the city. It’s midnight now. Time to sleep.

Now it’s Sunday. Oh shit. Last free day to do something interesting in life. So i quickly scramble to read a book.

After 10 minutes of reading. “maybe a quick instagram glance? Sure!’ Then back to the book.

10 minuets later. ‘Maybe I will read what is interesting in India.’  Sure. You should know what is happening in Your country.

Maybe small Youtube break? Sure. A little fun never killed nobody!

It starts with one small family guy video. One hour later, and I already know how yogurt is made from milk, and how they make frozen pizzas for supermarkets. Holy f*** shit!

Some times a small change is what it all takes
One day I said to myself, enough is enough. What if i limit Youtube to 2 videos a day? And i did. No more binge watching family guy for one hour. Now I just watch two family guy videos and laugh a little. Absolutely no more Youtube videos.
I also started with another small step. I love reading books.
When i read motivational books, or autobiographies I dont need any discipline. I just go like the wind from one book to another. But lately i have been reading books that are related to certain sciences or disciplines. For example about online marketing, or about meditation. Very often it’s hard to be completely concentrated on the book for more than one hour a day. I would often look into instagram or binge watch silly videos. It was highly disturbing for me. My mind was all over the place. After going through the motions a thousand times, i thought it’s time for some change. So I decided..
How about 1 chapter from a book thats a little bit difficult to read? Just one chapter. No need to read the whole book. One chapter from three books and in three weeks I have made a whole lot of progress.
One change and I feel like my weekend has been saved.
It worked.

Do You have a trick that You use to feel like You are not living from one Friday to the other?

If yes let me know.


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