The Polish complex II

The Polish complex II

Poles are meant to do just physical labour

Since Poland’s entry into the EU, many have settled in Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain etc. Every year students go to these countries for summer work to earn some extra money for the following academic year. Why work at a factory in Poland for 8 zlotychs/hr, when You can earn 10/12 €/hr in Netherlands or Germany?
Some are angry that Polish people are stealing their jobs. Many Poles are doing physical, hard work which most Germans or British people wouldn’t want to do anyway. (People will always find something to complain right?). I am pretty sure that Poles have the complex in the back of their heads, that they are the ones who do the jobs that most wont even want to do in the west of Europe. People will keep on complaining about Poles stealing their jobs, but Polish people have to somehow bite their lip and work. We all have to survive right?

Complex about one’s own country and country men

Kindly note that I do not know your history very well, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I do not know what your grandparents went through during their past. What I compare in this blog is from the perspective of an Indian, based on what is happening nowadays arround me. So if you think that iam not entitled to write about Your history, please keep in Your mind what i wrote above.

When i first came to Poland, the first question everyone asked me was “why Poland?” No matter how much i explained, people were like ‘Man, really? Poland?” They just couldn’t understand it. Sometimes i felt that they didn’t like the fact that i came here. (but it turns out to be not true)

People couldn’t believe that i did’nt select Germany, Austria, or any of the Nordic countries. They would say- “ In Your place, I would have ran away from this country. I dont like Polish people’. Or comments about fellow Polish people- ‘Oh, that is just typical Polish behaviour’. Another interesting one is ‘Polish people?  what goes for the country, goes for the people”(with a sarcastic tone). Some times i wonder…. Why so much hate towards ones own country men?

I think some Polish people have a deep seated complex/ fear about their heritage and past. I don’t know where it comes from and what is is about. But I have a feeling that it’s about what the Germans and Russians did to the people of Poland during the war times? Please correct me if You think I’am wrong.

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