Wolf from Wall Street

When we were in school, there were the smart kids, who would study computer science, and Biology/ Physics/ Chemistry. Then there were guys like me, who would choose to study humanities, which included a mix of subjects like Psychology, Business, Accounting, English literature etc etc. The intelligent lot in our school would always think of us as less smart kids, who didn’t get into Computer science, Chemistry, or Biology department. The troubles ones 🙂

Wolf from Wall Street

I really liked reading about the latest business developments around the world,. If You would ask me about the biggest steel producer in the world, or who is the CEO of Master card, or Visa, I would always have the answer. 

There was this hunger inside me, to show that I am not any less intelligent than my friends. I thought if I would choose Economics, i would probably come off as an intelligent guy. My dad had already finished his MBA, so as his son, I should be also able to carry myself as a well educated man wherever i go. So i decided to study Economics. But in reality, I hated studying mathematics, and management related subjects. I don’t know how i finished Economics, but i did it. 

There was a problem. Since i studied something that I completely didn’t have any interest in, finding a job in Economics was not an easy task. When I would read the job requirements, i felt like i was completely of no use for any employer. It was during my job search that I heard about Freight forwarding. I knew perfect English, and i really liked what i was about to do for a living for the next couple of years. Transporting goods via trucks. I loved trucks. In school I used to draw trucks and buses, while the teacher was busy giving her lecture.

It has been almost 6 years, since I have started working in the transport business.

You might be wondering what does Leonardo DiCaprio and his film Wolf from Wall street has to do with this post? I’ll tell You. At work,  we are like Leonardo DiCaprio from the film The Wolf of Wall street. Phone calls, emails….

Client- Hello, Jay I have a transport from Wroclaw to Hamburg? You want it? price is 800 euros.

Me- 900 euros and I will do it.

Client- 850?

Me- 875 and let’s go.

Client- OK, order follows.

Each time I would earn 100, 200, 500 euros for the company(we handle loads, and earn a commission on each loads we sell), I get a big high. Clients would call me everyday, Jay I need a truck. After taking the orders, I would have to make sure that everything goes according to our plan, and there are no hiccups. When there is a problem, I would’ve to solve it. There is so much satisfaction in making sure that everything is going OK. Clients love me for that. When there are payments to be made, I would call the client. Hey You haven’t paid the xx euros yet I do my daily duties, and sometimes even more than what is expected of me. When i solve all the problems myself, I think ‘ Ha ha I have everything i want at my finger tips. I control everything. I am the man’

I remember once, i was talking to my friend via Skype. She didn’t have any idea about the freight forwarding business. I had to pick up a phone call. So i asked for her permission. On the other line, driver was calling me, and he said, ‘Jay we are in Denmark for the loading. They won’t load the Christmas trees today’ I already knew about this, because my client wrote me an email 10 minutes ago, that the truck will be loaded only the day after. So now i have to pay the truck company 150 euros for waiting one day at the loading place(for them one day means lot of extra costs). I had no idea whether my client would pay me this 150 euros. Then the next day I had to call the Danish client and ask him for the money. He said ‘no’, and gave me some bullshit reason. I told him Man if You think I am going to beg for this money, You are mistaken. I already have enough stress at work. So You better pay that money(I didn’t threaten him, but I made sure that he understood that If he wants pine trees for Christmas, he better pay me the money). After some time his tone changed. He started becoming more cordial. Problem solved. 🙂

This kind of events happen to me almost every week. This is nothing for a freight forwarder. My friend when she heard the story, was flabbergasted. Jay how come the client said that he wouldn’t pay for the waiting time. You did everything according to the plan. Your client was the one who made the mistake. That money is Your right!! I told her  welcome to my world

While Leonardo DiCaprio sells stocks, and uses drugs and hookers, I sell loads and solve problems at work. Solving problems and being the master of my problems is my high. I don’t need drugs and hookers for that. It is completely unhealthy for me. I know that. But that is the path i chose.

At work, Wolf of wall street. In real life, Slumdog millionaire? I solve many complex situations at work. In real life, sometimes I am very lost.

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