Women unmarried in Poland

Meanwhile in Poland, a woman who has decided not to marry can live normally, and successfully.

Her life is still safe. She can work with many other men and still be treated as equal(still Poland has a lot to work in the equality department in general). She can be single, raise her own child, work and travel the world, and it is accepted by the society to be on Your own. In fact, society looks at such women with no less respect than women who are married. Women can have boy friends and casually see other men(it is unimaginable in most parts of India). Maybe she was once in a relationship but now she is not. Maybe it is not time to get married, because she is focusing on her career goals. Maybe she wants to date a little bit, have fun, then get into a serious relationship later on.

If she wants, she can live for 10 years with no one and still the society accepts it. It’s her life and no one can decide what she wants to do with it. Poland is a very individualistic society(more on this topic later)

If the women is a single mom and living with her baby, it is still hard for her to survive on her own. But somehow many single women in Poland does a good job. Yes sure, she will face a lot of hurdles without a man in her life. But no one will force her to get married. She can find a partner who also has a kid and then they can raise their kids together. Many a times i have met with couples, where one of the partner has a kid and it does not cause any problems in their relationship. Bravo for both Polish women and men for being so open with their relationship goals. It is really admiring to see people having such a wonderful concept towards relationships. For me this is a hard concept to understand. It is still hard for me to accept a partner with a child. But I am trying to understand and accept it.

Whenever i have a chance to talk with my parents about women, they remind me that i should be careful about marrying a foreign woman. There is this stereotype that westerners treat marriage like eating a piece of cake. Today chocolate, so tomorrow Vanilla. They have this notion that both men and women are careless about relationships and can leave whenever they want to. This is a stereotype which many people from India have.T hey ask me to select someone who has family values and is easy going. In Poland(an in Europe in general?) the rate of divorce is pretty high. But what i have come to notice is that, there are a lot of women who have family values and treat marriage very seriously. Polish women are still not comparable to other counterparts in the west. We are still living in a mostly Slavic country than a European one. Women here care about the family and are willing to stay home and be a house wife if the situation demands it. I often remind my parents to not fully believe what is being shown in TV.

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