Being different, is nothing new for me

We have the caste system in India. I think at this point, most people already know about it.

Long awaited justice .

Hindus believe that Lord Ram, one of the most important deities in Hinduism, was born in Ayodhya, about 540 km south east of New Delhi. Muslim […]

Appearance in the breakfast show, good morning TVN

Last week, I had the chance to appear in the Polish breakfast show, good morning TVN in TVN Network.


Secularism in a political context means, A country where religion does not play a part in law making. A country who does not base its laws […]

Vasudeva Kutumbakam

Tough word right? It’s Sanskrit for ‘The world is one family’. These two words can be often found in Indian sacred text books like Bhagawadgita.

Lately i was looking at some of my Friend’s profiles in facebook and why not. I remember we were going to the same school. With some […]

Grandfather’s foundation

My grandfather left us exactly one year ago. To commemorate his services to the literary world, my parents and immediate family members have registered an NGO […]

For a mother her children are always dear to her

As a rule, I try to befriend people who have no certain political views. People who don’t care about politics, but are interested in knowing what […]

What is democracy ? Is true democracy on the decline ?

The word democracy is Greek in Origin. Democracy is an ever evolving term. People have many different definitions of it. But the following are some of […]
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