How this blog has helped me find myself

How this blog has helped me find myself

Lately i have been thinking how much my life has changed from the moment i started writing this blog. When i was talking about it with one of my friends, they said to me ‘There You go, another topic for the blog’. 😀
Once i was telling my friend about how i would read my own blog everyday, and after reading some of my posts about my life in Poland, i would still be amazed by how much things i thought i knew about my own self, but was still learning more about me everyday. He started laughing. How is it that possible to be amazed by Your own blog. I mean it is me who is writing these posts. So what is the element of surprise here? 🙂 So i explained to him..

Writing this blog is therapy for me. When i have troubles with the way of my thinking, or the way i behave certainly, i quickly go to some posts in my blog and start reading it. It helps me understand myself more. Writing makes me imprint my thoughts more strongly on to my brain. For some one else, just thinking might be enough. For another talking to a friend would suffice. To each person there is a certain method. For me it is writing. You can call it a journal, a diary whatever You would wish to call it.

I will give you an example. Lets say I am at work. I am disturbed by some one’s behaviour. I know that it is not the right thing to scream at them or to tell them directly that their behaviour is pissing me off. I would read the post “Individualism in Poland”. I would read and understand the fact that, Poland is a society which gives weight to Individualism. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. People focus on their own interests and it is not a crime to focus on one’s own goals, and be individualistic. Then i would  quickly go to the post ‘Social hierarchy in India’. I would understand that, respect is not something which You are entitled to because You are older than some one else. I cant expect colleagues who are Younger than me to respect me, just because I am older than they are. Respect is something which i have to earn by my actions and thoughts. After reading the post for two or three times, i calm down.

Another example, I am in a bus or tram. Suddenly I start to feel inferior to people around me. I get overtly conscious of my surroundings. I think that I am from India, and therefore inferior to people from Poland or anywhere from Europe. I think that I am from a third world country, and am not as sophisticated as Polish people. I quickly go to the post about “Indian complex’. After reading the text, i calm down a bit. I quickly repeat the text ‘I have this need to show everyone that I am not the typical man from the middle east’. After reading the text a couple of times, i calm down. I don’t have to show any one about my worth. It is not as if the inferiority complex goes away immediately from my head. But it still helps. I calm down a little. Or i go to the post ‘Polish complex’. I read and understand the fact that even Polish people have their own complexes. I quickly change my train of thoughts after reading the post. See?

Junior specialist in Polish-Indian relationships?

Since writing this blog, i have received messages from many women in Poland, who are in relationship with Indian men. Many of them ask me questions about why Indian men behave in a certain way. They ask me what they should do in certain situations with their partner from India. Women most often don’t know what to do, because they are not used to the way Indian men act in relationships. I take the to explain our traditions in India, and the social conditions that make Indian men behave the way they do.
Sometimes i feel like a psychologist. But i know that i am just helping them understand men from India.

I myself might have problems of my own, but sometimes i could be of little help for people in Poland. I never for once imagined myself giving advice to Polish women about relationships. I would have probably laughed at this concept two or three years ago. It is fascinating what this blog has done for me.
This blog is something that i write for myself. The fact that people want to read it makes it even more pleasurable for me write everyday.
So thank You.

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