India Pakistan conflict- whats that all about ?

Everyday at work, or while travelling by tram/ bus, i do the following. I go to google news section, and type the following keywords. First India. I would read about the latest political developments in my country. Then it’s Pakistan. Followed by China.  I am very curious as to what is happening in that part of the world. And lastly i read a bit about Trump. To check what crazy new plan he has cooked up again. Is he still the president?

I sincerely hate history. Don’t know who ruled what 100 years ago. I have no clue about when the first world war broke out, nor the second. I cant remember the name of kingdoms, or who attacked who, and when. It’s so boring. So i will try to make this post as less historic as possible for myself and for everyone else who might be reading this.

In 1947 the British decided to leave India. We officially gained independence, thanks to the non violence movement spearheaded by Mahatma Gandhi. After independence, Muslim majority in India, led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah demanded a separate land for Muslims. Thus was born the present day Pakistan and India.

The then prime minster of India Mr. Nehru, British admiral Lord Mountbatten and Mr Jinnah commonly agreed that the military assets should be divided between each other. Pakistan got 36 percent of tanks, military bases, weapons and ammunition, while India got 66 percent (because of India’s huge size).

Everything was beautiful, but there was a problem. One state called Kashmir was undecided as to which side it wanted to join. India decided to take full control of Kashmir, but Pakistan wasn’t willing to give it to us that easily(Kashmir has a Muslim majority, so naturally Pakistan fell entitled to Kashmir). India forcefully took 60 percent, while the rest 40 percent is still in Pakistan’s hand. A full on battle broke out, which extended up until 1965. A lot of Hindus and Muslims were murdered in that battle. People often say that lot of Hindus were murdered by Muslims. I really don’t know the exact truth, but I know that a lot of Indian people are very angry about the killings.

Why Pakistan is a problem for us?

Problem with Pakistan is that they got a huge lot of ammunition right from the beginning of their existence. So they somehow wanted to incorporate these arms into their foreign policy. Why their guns and tanks have to collect dust and lie somewhere? Pakistan started to give more attentions to its military, rather than developing their economy or investing in their own people. They started to spread lies that India is an enemy among its masses. In reality India has so much more Muslims than Pakistan. So their accusation is horse shit.

For us Indians, Pakistan is like a long lost brother or a cousin. If it was not for the politicians, we would have had more close contact with each other. After all, we were all living as one country 70 years back. No matter how many times terrorists attack India and kill its people, Indians and Pakistani’s always talk about brotherhood and friendship.

And here comes Uncle Sam

USA was looking for friends in the 1980- 90’s (mainly Pakistan, Turkey, and Iran) in that area of the world in order to counter the communist influence from Soviet union. (India didn’t want to join this alliance, because India has a good relationship with the soviets. They supply us with war planes and tanks) Pakistan said yes. So the US started giving lot of bombs and financial aid to the Pakistani’s for free. Pakistanis started training soldiers(called Mujahideen’s) to fight the soviet forces in Afghanistan. Mujahideen’s mean ‘soldiers fighting for Jihad’. The holy war. Sounds cool right? Actually it’s just a fancy term for a terrorist. 

There is lot of other history in between which i think will be boring for many of You to read. We don’t have the space and time for that. Apparently a normal person has a 2 minute attention span. So let’s not make this any more boring. 😀

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