Sunday is a short preview of Monday

Almost every one knows that feeling. Its Sunday. Next day it’s time to do it all over again. For the next 30 years or even 40 years. #Ihatemondays is a universally known Hashtag. Doesn’t matter if You are Polish or Korean. It’s Monday? Time to […]

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Government job and Mom’s meals

i remember every time I would have a conversation with my grandmother, she would ask me how I am doing, and what i ate for dinner, how is work etc etc. Almost always she asks me the following question- ‘’Why are You living far away […]

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Corporate social responsibility

While growing up in India, our parents gave a lot of focus on helping others and giving something back to the society.. My father and mother were members of a social club. Every once in two months, the members of the club would host a […]

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Uncle Jay

Just came back from a two week stay in my hometown in India. The main purpose of the visit was to see my niece. My brother and sister in Law Ambili have been blessed with a new born baby. Next year when I will see her, […]

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God and Father

I have mentioned a couple of times, how me and my brother were brought up in a very religious home right? If not, then that’s how it was. 😀 Every two three weeks, we would go to famous temples in other states in India. At […]

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