Speaking and writing- Why i prefer writing over speaking

Speaking and writing- Why i prefer writing over speaking

Very often i have a feeling that when i talk, i have a tendency to talk too much. “Jeez Jay, stop talking too much man. You are boring the other person!’’ I have a feeling that I quickly get off topic and people start to loose interest in what I am saying

But when I am writing i can focus my attention on one thing at a time. It lets the other person read it in the place of their choice, without me judging their way of understanding what I am saying to them. Let me explain
People often ask me Jay ‘’tell me is it true that in India…..’’ When i start explaining, I see that after two minutes they quickly loose interest in what I am saying(or maybe it is just me who thinks like that). Then i think, oh my god I am so boring. Probably i should just stop talking. Maybe it is also because we people have short attention span? I don’t know.

When i actually go on to write something, people can sit home and read it on their computer or smart phone. They might be even travelling somewhere to their work place or gym. Here i feel like i don’t have to worry about how people will judge my answers or views. I think writing is a much better way for me to express my opinion on something, or to explain something to someone without coming off as an idiot. Yes i said an idiot, because many a times i cant answer someone’s question 100 percent just by uttering some words. Soon i will go on to think ‘oh man, just shut Your mouth. You are so egoistic. DO You ever think about something other than Yourself?’

”Should i write about this topic ? I don’t know!”

When i start to write a blog post, i think it over atleast 100 times before I publishit. Most often it is because i don’t know if the topic is of interest to the other person. Maybe it is also because I am a little bit egoistic. I want the post to be 100 percent informative and authentic. Otherwise it is just a waste of People’s time right?

Once i remember asking my friend. “hey, should i write about topic X , or topic Y? What do You think? Is it too narcissistic? Maybe people will think that I am just writing about myself all the time. I don’t want to read it again about this Indian guy and his bullshit’’. What do You think?’’

My friend replied me that its not like I am forcing people to read my posts. If someone is not interested they will just leave it and read something else. Iam not asking people ‘hey read my post, or else i will be offended! I will never talk to You again :D’’. That actually put things into perspective for me. Nowadays I have much more ease in writing whatever i want. I have stopped worrying(at least to an extent on what others might think.)

I have to accept that writing has given a lot of freedom when it comes to expression. Sometimes i just don’t want to go on and talk for 5 minutes to answer someones questions. I have a feeling that the conversation is only one sided then. There is no free flow of conversation between two people.

If it wasn’t it for this blog, i would have probably gone mad. I have to be honest with You, sometimes i come and check how many people liked my posts or how many people have commented on a post. I know I know, it is narcissistic. I think we all are to some extent right? Likes and comments make us feel better about ourselves. Hehe 😀

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