How we pray- Part II

In some temples in India, men and boys have to take their shirt off before entering the temple.

How we pray

In India when we visit temple, we take off our shoes. Shoes are considered as a sign of impurity and should not be taken inside the […]

Individualism in Poland- how we Indian’s see that Individualism

Individualism is a very strong concept in Poland. Individuals have a right to express their feelings.

Freedom in Poland- how we Indians see that freedom?

In Poland both men and women are free. A women can live on her own and she doesn’t need a man to support her.


Marriage in India, is a topic which could be interesting for many Poles.

Cultural differences between India and Poland- Part II

Family Values In India parents raise their children in a closely knit web of relations.

Cultural differences between India and Poland- Part I

Culture and Religion We Indians, and Poles share the same basic human values, like family, respect for the elders, etc..etc.. But there are some fundamental differences

Why exactly Poland?

This is a question i think every Foreigner gets asked in Poland. I have answered this question to someone, probably every single day in my life.

Jak się modlą Hindusi – część II

W niektórych świątyniach w Indiach, mężczyźni i dzieci muszą zdjąć swoją koszulę zanim wejdą do świątyni.

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